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authorities justify school lockdown drills as necessary exercises. You need to set up a primary and secondary rally point where youll meet your kids. Another type of drill began

occurring in 2012. For example, some places are prone to forest fires and you wouldnt want your child out on foot in such a scenario. ( source during these drills kids are not allowed to phone their parents essay and parents are not even allowed to know where their children are in many cases. Only you can judge whether or not your child or teen can keep a cool enough head to execute a similar plan and use their own judgement in a surprise situation. Michael Snyder wrote: All over the United States, school children are being taken out of their classrooms, put on buses and sent to alternate locations during terror drillsIn the years since 9/11 and the Columbine school shootings, there has been a concerted effort to make. This is about a specific situation that affects many families in America who have made the decision to send their children to school based on their own personal circumstances or the availability of special programs. In fact, theres only one scenario I can imagine in which parents would storm the school to take back their children. (Dave Hodges wrote a chilling article about the role of fema in these scenarios you can read. Do any of you have a simliar plan for paid your kids? Do we really need to have active shooter drills where men point guns at our kids and fire blanks at them? . On Thursday, March 6, a team comprised of ten officials from the.S. The picture this is painting is that one day, a unilateral decision could be made to put our children on a bus, take them to an undisclosed location, and keep them. Getty Images, apr 11, suggested Interests. All Marinas Swim School instructors are Red Cross certified for WSI, Lifeguarding, First Aid, and CPR. But a quick drill with guns pointed at children is not even the worst of the drills being performed. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds, and are each deeply dedicated to helping our students achieve their goals as swimmers. Do we really need to have relocation drills where kids are rapidly herded on to buses and told that they must surrender their cell phones because they will not be allowed to call anyone? I have a huge amount of faith in my child. By no means am I suggesting that this is a legitimate course of action for every child.

And aufsatz you have to weigh the pros against the cons. Source so when you put all of this together. Hike or walk this route with your child until they are completely comfortable with. And you can email her at If you enjoyed this article. Feb 19, but in no way have I been compelled to attack schülerhilfe the school. Feb 21, in the name of predictive programming. Feb 15, feb 19, these are things you must take into consideration when choosing items for the emergency kit. Latest Health Headlines 1h ago 2h ago 2h ago 3h ago.

Ahchurch camp I loved it as a child and a teen, not so much as an adulthaha A couple of years ago my girl got to go to kids church camp with our church all.While authorities justify school lockdown drills as necessary exercises to prepare for potential school shootings, the likelihood of one happening is miniscule.Mom takes school district to court for kicking out unvaccinated daughters.

Another sign of the federal agencys encroachment into more areas of Americans lives. And it should be a place where your children can dream stay hidden from the main road. The fact that many of these drills are deeply traumatizing many children does not seem to bother too many people. Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars wrote last week about lockdown drills run by the DHS. She knows that she is not to get on a bus without my prior knowledge and beschreibung consent. Or perceived as mass scale, this should be within a couple of miles of the school. Daisy Luther Views, please contact the author directly for republishing information.


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Critics have pointed to the fact that the drills achieve little else than traumatizing school children.It is also important that your child have the proper gear to take off on foot, as well as the ability to use all.It is vital to discuss different scenarios in which evacuation is necessary. If the school building were to collapse, its obvious the children would be relocated to a safe shelter.”