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writing professor, and he or she will probably tell you that most five-page papers could be cut to a four-page paper and become stronger in the process. I've heard

counselors advise students to keep their essays on the shorter end of the spectrum because college admissions offices are very busy, and they will appreciate short essays. In previous years, applicants could attach their essays to the application, and this allowed them to attach essays that were too long. 6, place additional information at the end of your essay. If you have 50 minutes to take a college exam, you can't have 55 minutes. If you have written half of the paragraphs you outlined and you are about halfway to your word count, then you are on track to have the right number of words in your essay. Go through your essay and see if there are any first sentences you can easily remove while still holding onto the integrity of the paragraph. That said, if you've said all you have to say in 300 words, don't try to pad out your essay to 600 words with filler and redundancy. Here are a few ways you can claw things back: Cut out unnecessary words. If a college requires an essay, it is because it has holistic admissions and wants to get to know its applicants as more than a list of grades and standardized test scores. In an attachment at the end of the essay. This is where crammers and procrastinators can lose out. If you begin cutting content while you are writing the rough draft, you'll have less to work with in the end. If you are less than 10 over the word limit, you can generally cut it down a fair bit just by removing unnecessary words and rephasing sentences to make them more concise. But you may be given 10 either way, or have an allowance of 100 words, which is close enough. . Take the time to trim your essay only after you're done writing. Flowery expression is wasteful and doesnt hammer down the point. Was your focus too narrow? An example of too much hedging is: "There is a chance that the man might possibly come today." This sentence sounds better as: "There is a chance that the man will come today." "I think that" is often an unnecessary form of hedging. If you write less than that they will only mark the essay if you show definite english essay example introduction signs of achieving a pass mark.

Keep asking yourself what ideas are truly essential. However, t be allowed to enter anything over 650 words. Leaving your essay until the last minute prevents time to reread it and to remove any superfluous words. And ideas, use sparingly if your aim is to write with clarity and concision. When you are editing your work.

The phrase restriction provides to the assignment with the aid of requiring that each one of those skills be confirmed within a enormously small number of words.First, we ll answer the question directly: Schools are not out to reject you for going over a word limit by a small amount.Okay, okay What.

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This will help you avoid overwhelming the reader and will make the word count reflect the actual number of words you used in limit the body of your essay. The number of words on your pages depends on how big your writing. Phrases, t be a major problem, s a skill worth honing, ll appreciate this skill throughout your life. The first sentence of a paragraph is just filler and does not add to the overall point of the paragraph. And even entire paragraphs that arenapos. For example, cut them later, an online word counting tool will automatically display the number of words and characters. Make sure your writing is relevant to the specific questions being asked.

They wont want you returning every time with the same problem).Cut excess ideas but don't delete them completely if you think they have merit.


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A fresh pair of eyes on a piece is always helpful. .Don't follow up side points from an anecdote just because they're interesting.3, consider adding bullet-pointed thoughts under each of your main supporting points.”