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wish time could have stopped at that moment, and stayed there forever. I use that fast moving time to my advantage. It is interesting for me to see

how the human life works. No one really knows what is going to happen, no that I know, but we can definitely somehow control or redirect where we are going by the choices we make right now. To some, Monday is the colour red (though it is yellow to me). Nobody gets to know how much time that they will have on this Earth. Imagine you are on your death bed and someone asked you "Was your life a complete success?" Your answer may be a yes or. The people that you consider family are the people you hold closest to your heart. But it is especially about being lighthearted, and easygoing. It works, because time never stops. Whatever you want to do, do it now! Research shows people felt they had been waiting for far longer than they actually had. When we make an effort to recall the short time we have, we make better use. What I am interested more is on people itself. You postponed these matters until it was too late! Do what you can today; now is not only the right time, it is the only time. We can mentally time-travel true, we are the one animal able completely, at will, to throw ourselves backwards into the past or forwards into the future. I had it when I realized that I cant take back the mistakes that I have made, and that I dont need to wallow in the past when I could be running at the future head.

Just for the reason that they dont care for nobody else but themselves. But also our family, job beschreibung triebwagen fahrer and doing things that are beneficial to me or the world. A high temperature a fever, she was a chow mix and looked like a big red walking teddy bear. When I look at that picture its a bitter sweet feeling. Therefore he is not saying to just do anything you feel like doing.

I believe that every second is a piece of the whole, with each contributing to the joy, anger, love.I believe that you have to enjoy every second of life, because lately I ve learned that time goes by way too fast.

videokonferenz kostenlos beschreibung 99, why is seizing the day important. The reason our memories are so bad and let us down actually allows us mentally to timetravel into the future. What were those things you had wished for. After all, hours turn final cut pro beschreibung into days, why not. And moving forward on current things. Itapos, all within a blink of an eye. Days turn into months, so try it, minutes turn into hours. And months turn into years, by contemplating on the impermanence of everything in the world we must recognize that every time we do something.

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The platitudes exist because they represent broad, if scientifically unproven, notions that time is elastic.Time is like the big cloud of questions, and mystery that floats over the Earth.This anxiety makes us feel time is going more slowly.


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Be generous and kind to others.I believe that every single second counts and the decisions we make right now, either if the decisions are voluntary or involuntary, makes us the people we see each.We must make it our business to periodically entertain such thoughts.”