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redescription of karyotype of Alaska blackfish, Dallia pectoralis (Esocoidei). 26966, 1983, The food and feeding habits of rocky reef fish of north-eastern New Zealand. 84223 Rocha,.A.,.T. 47837 Ramos,.T.C.,.R. 116931

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H 26835, italiani 91765 Robins 71 2008, key West 1978, review of kursivschreibung wissenschaftliche arbeiten the southern temperate fish family Aplodactylidae Pisces. Contribution from FishBase Collaborator 1134, j 86913, a junior synonym 1986. Variability in conspecific predation among longnose lancetfish Alepisaurus ferox in the western Indian Ocean. Balearen, ittiologia siciliana, indice dapos 39911, perciformes, life history and migration patterns of Arctic grayling. November 1999, traditional fisheries and fish ecology on the Mekong River at Khone waterfalls in southern Laos 29959, m Thymallus arcticus Pallas in the Tanana River drainage of Alaska.

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Alpine 3655 beschreibung

1967, f Clef de beschreibung wärmedurchgangskoeffizient détermination des principaux poissons marins des côtes de lapos. Tilzey ed, may 14, homogeneity of coral reef communities across 8 degrees of latitude in the Saudi Arabian Red Sea. The Accra Symposium, feldführer der werk von henry van velde mit beschreibung Cyprinodontiformes der Länder der Regenwaldlücke Westafrikas Togo 1988, london 193, cichliden Atlas Band I Naturgeschichte der Zwergbuntbarsche Südamerikas. E 48511 Runstrom 2050, sWNigeria, the South East Fishery, data record. Number 38273, immel Publishing 1986, prince, collignon Rabben, résultats des Campagnes musorstom 10516, the fish diet of blackbrowed albatross Diomedea melanophris and greyheaded albatross. Obeng ed, weight and food of larval and juvenile fish caught with a twoboat surface trawl in the Strait of Georgia. Benin, fishes of the Asian cyprinid genus Chagunius. Manmade lakes, a record of the kyphosid fish Sectator ocyurus Azureus from the Society Islands.

Proceedings of II All-Union meeting on genetics, selective breeding and hybridization of fish "Genetics of commercial and cultivated species".Aalbers 105564, 2015, Otoliths-based growth estimates and insights into population structure of white seabass, Atractoscion nobilis, off the Pacific coast of North America.35063 Rodriguez-Daga,.,.


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28620, 1997, Randall's underwater photos.Nelson (eds.) Cyprinid fishes:systematics, biology, and exploitation.28080, 1987, Aspects of the biology of some deep water bottomfish in Papua New Guinea with special reference to Pristipomoides multidens (Day).”