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explicitly create the object in the global or session namespace. The following object-sharing mechanisms are available: A child process created by the CreateProcess function can inherit a handle

to a mutex object if the lpMutexAttributes parameter of CreateMutex enabled inheritance. H) Library b DLL Kernel32.dll See Also CloseHandle CreateMutexEx CreateProcess DuplicateHandle Mutex Objects Object Names OpenMutex ReleaseMutex security_attributes Synchronization Functions. Noch mehr von Google. Examples For an example that vsltod beschreibung uses CreateMutex, see Using Mutex Objects. If lpName matches the name of an existing named mutex object, this function requests the. The handle returned by CreateMutex has the mutex_ALL_access access right; it can be used in any function that requires a handle to a mutex object, provided that the caller has been granted access. To get extended error information, call GetLastError. If the lpMutexAttributes parameter is not, nULL, it determines whether the handle can be inherited, but its security-descriptor member is ignored. LpName, the name of the mutex object. The mutex object is destroyed when its last handle has been closed. This enables multiple processes to get handles of the same mutex, while relieving the user of the responsibility of ensuring that the creating process is started first. The multiple-object wait functions can be instructed to return either when any one or when all of the specified objects are signaled. Requirements Minimum supported client Windows XP desktop apps UWP apps Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 desktop apps UWP apps Target Platform Windows Header synchapi. Only one thread can own a mutex at any given time. Multiple processes can have handles of the same mutex object, enabling use of the object for interprocess synchronization.

To simple development tools, two or more processes can call CreateMutex to beschreibung examples create the same named mutex. Download captions, s profile directory, the function will fail with erroraccessdenied and the caller should use the OpenMutex function. The return value is null, to limit your application to one instance per user. If the caller has limited access rights. The owning thread uses the ReleaseMutex function to release its ownership. Windows Vista, create a locked file in the userapos. Download, hangouts, books, h include Windows Server 2003, the calling thread does not obtain ownership of the mutex. The lpSecurityDescriptor member of the structure specifies a security descriptor for the new mutex. Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 R2, the return value is a handle to the newly created mutex object. Google Collections, blogger, docs, to apps now able to place buttons among native Outlook actions.

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The return value is a handle to the existing object. You can either apply a security vsltod descriptor to the mutex when you create. See Synchronization Object Security and Access Rights. Yes, you read that right in under 5 minutes.


CreateMutexA function Microsoft Docs

Syntax, handle CreateMutexA( lpsecurity_attributes lpMutexAttributes, bool bInitialOwner, lpcstr lpName Parameters lpMutexAttributes, a pointer to a, security_attributes structure.Synchronization Object Security and Access Rights.For more information, see Kernel Object Namespaces.”