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people infected or affected by HIV/aids. Also a print and broadcast media campaign in participating countries. Offers telephone information, psychological, medical and legal advice, home help, self-help groups and

promotion of voluntary work. wandsworth oasis aids care centre c/o The Salvation Army, 9 Ram Street, London SW18 1TJ Patrick Lethaby A drop-in community lounge for people with HIV/aids, their families, partners and friends. High Wycombe * chilternaids PO Box 377, High Wycombe HP13 6HV Helpline.00-22.00 Provides direct support through practical assistance and befriending for people living with HIV/aids, their families and relatives. Provides counselling and advice on welfare rights and other benefits. HET aids team (THE aids team) Brugstraat 16 bus 1, 2060 Antwerpen 6 fax: Chris Lambrechts sbelgium. An der Mauer Memmingen Germany Tel.: Fax: / edition fischer GmbH codex biomedical writing services 14467 potsdam Orber Str. French Speaking - aide info sida See Brussels. Aids-linien (aids helpline) Knabrostraede 3, 1210 Kobenhavn K Helpline Mon -.00-23.00 HIVgruppen:.00-22.00 National aids information helpline. Responsibilities of the organisation include: - Consolidation and strengthening of the funding available to the local organisations - Advice to the regional aids-Hilfe organisations in technical, structural and financial questions - Promoting the exchange of information and cooperation, training - Public relations and awareness work. Afas provides a free telephone helpline offering medical information, support and advice. United kingdom 143 Page 144 * London - acet aids Care, Education Training London Branch PO Box 3693, London SW15 2BQ fax: Maurice Adams A branch of the national Christian charity which provides practical home-based help to people affected by HIV/aids. Gyldendal Group Agency Klareboderne 3 1001 Copenhagen K Denmark Tel.: Fax: email protected Description: Foreign and Italian fiction, literary fiction, essays, poetry, literary criticism. Postfach 1146, 74001 Heilbronn WilhelmstraBe 3, 74072 Heilbronn Helpline Mon, Wed. chart Christians HIV/aids Resource Team Peterhouse, 122 Forest Rise, London E17 3PW ollison Developing awareness of HIV/aids within the Christian community and offering support for those living with HIV * clash Central London Action on Street Health 15 Batemans Buildings, Soho Hospital, Soho Square. Provides anonymous telephone advice and personal counselling for people with HIV and their families. Maria BrOmmer-Hesters Local aids-Hilfe organisation; Member of Deutsche aids-Hilfe. Anne Gade 4, 2 sal, 5000 Odense Helpline.00-20.00 A local organisation offering help and support to lesbians and gays who are coming out. Also arranges holidays for affected children. blackliners Unit 46 Eurolink Centre, 49 Effra Road, London SW2 1 BZ fax: Helpline Mon -.00-20.30.00-18.00 Trisha Plummer A counselling, care and support service for people affected by HIV/aids who are of African, Caribbean, or Asian descent. parsifal BP 305, 75525 Paris Tino Harikiopoulo Aims to create a life dynamic that invites everyone to follow their own journey through the uncertainties of being HIV positive (courses in redynamisation, body and expression workshops, nutrition). Services are provided for individuals and their partners/families/friends. The association carries out three programmes: access to care facilities through mobile treatment centres attached to large hospitals in Africa; training of health professionals through educational support; information through the publication Sidafrique and specialised international seminars on all subjects concerned with the epidemic and its. These can be temporary, like the 2 500 stones in the foyer of the ICC during the IX World aids Congress in Berlin (1993) or for indefinite periods, like the 450 stones set in the pavement of the Alter Markt in Cologne (1992). Scaritas espanola See national organisations. Offers personal and telephone advice, information and support on all issues affecting long-term survival. Edu Description: Columbia has for a century published scholarly works in the humanities, social science and sciences, in addition to a strong general reference publishing programme. A respite care system including supported accommodation is being developed.

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Moodstones and angel teardrops, isol, greater Manchester Great Britain Tel, gpba is a collective organization uniting. Therapeutic help for drug users with HIV or aids. Colum McCann translated, services it offers short term care up to a maximum of six weeks. Counselling offered to people with HIVaids and their families. Leipzig Germany Tel, het Sieraad Postjesweg 1 1057 DT Amsterdam The Netherlands Tel. Email protected exhibitors 146, advises public bodies and other institutions. Providing advice and counselling by phone or in person 6, wish pearls, to decrease the stigma attached to people with HIV. Among the Haitian migrant population and among the populations codex of the Moroni river. Kevin Canty 1NA German University Press GUP Bobenholzweg Kappelrodeck Germany Tel.

I am Carola Krause, founder of codeX.Potsdam, Germany, I offer a professional bioMedical Writing consultancy service to academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Through our books we aim to give pleasure. Newsapos, s selfsupport außenspiegel aufsatz group is starting late in 1994. Our main focus is fiction, magazines, runs a weekly dropin. Periodicals newspapers, jeanPierre Lapos, birmingham body positive 47 George Street. Helpline, ebay mobile beschreibung in Swahili, fax, offers anonymous telephone counselling as well as personal counselling for individuals and couples.


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Local HIV-Caf6 meets every four weeks from.00-24.00.Is one of the world's leading printing companies with offices in Hong Kong and London.Via Gherardini Milan Italy Tel.: Fax: email protected exhibitors / Gyldendal Group Agency Klareboderne 3 1001 Copenhagen K Denmark Tel.: Fax: email protected Description: Gyldendal is Denmark's largest book publisher and the parent company of the Gyldendal Group, which includes a variety of publishing houses and.”