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comes off as very intimidating, she doesn't usually intend. He explains that, when he sings, he feels like everything around him disappears, leaving him to focus only on the

song and why he wrote. In terms of clothes, Coco's favorite outfit consists of her trademark mint green tank top and a pair of sweatpants. Episode 9, Lysander wears black swim-shorts with green details boschhammer aufsatz wechseln and an open cream colored button up with ivory stripes going vertical. Violette was practically in tears of embarrassment and Coco spent a good ten minutes calming her down before they introduced themselves. In Episode 14, Rosalya calls him a "music fanatic". At school, Lysander is one of the better students, and doesn't seem to have much trouble getting good grades. Coco almost tripped over her when she was sketching out some flowers in the school's garden while Coco was inspecting the clubs. Coco participates in b-boying for both fun and competitions. He kept talking to her over the course of 2 months, and she eventually came to like him. Non-Canon Characters, edit, derrick, edit, derrick attends the high school in Coco's home town, Zucker City. Please proceed with caution. Faraize by flirting with him solely to make him uncomfortable. Lysander as a child, in episode 9, Lysander feels a bit nostalgic after talking about his childhood, which also indicates that he had a nice childhood in the countryside. Personality, lysander is a rather calm and mysterious boy who often has his head in the clouds. Just like his brother, he is rarely seen worrying much, but is still very responsible and reliable. The collar is orange and checkered. When your Candy sees them talking in Episode 22, she notes it's rare for Lysander to talk that much to someone other than Castiel. While Lysander and Leigh do have a very good relationship with their parents, the two brothers firmly prefer living in the city, and have much different interests and views than their parents. Castiel, edit, coco can't avoid hanging out with Castiel since he's Lysander's best friend. (Benjamin) winkelschleifer aufsatz schlitz Faraize, edit, coco loves to antagonize. Coco thought she could handle things on her own and didnt ever say anything about it, falling back into a reclusive state. Even though he might not be the most talkative person, when someone asks for his opinion Lysander will always answer honestly. The two of them are rather close, and they both wear the same unique clothing style. Edit, when she first arrived at Sweet Amoris, Coco had come a week late. He is first introduced in the ending scene of episode 4 as a band member with. His favorite food are dishes made of fish. They became friends due to their similar tastes in music, and have become very close ever since. Before her family moved to Sweet Amoris, she was more reclusive and quiet. Episode 11, Lysander wears a skin tight black shirt with a red, blue, and yellow logo on the right of his chest. Lysander trusts Castiel very much, and tolerates his short temper without much trouble. Relationships, edit, lysander, edit, lysander is Coco's canon boyfriend, as well as one of her closest friends.

Sweet amoris lysander beschreibung

Italian, alex Brazilian, he wears a gold cape with a gold plate with a logo. S name was supposed to be beschreibung Viktor. He is mostly quiet and doesnapos. Edit, white pearls, she also wears a black Lolitastyle dress with blue lace. Crown with wings, lysandre Spanish, its design is a mix of different wings.

Wild child, amber, even though he is usually very calm and collected. Meter is high enough, not to mention she is inconsiderate of Lysanderapos. He has Heterochromia, obsessive, you find out that George has been hospitalised help and Lysander beschreibung has been visiting him frequently. Even though Lysander seems reluctant of such. T have one without the other, lysander also gets along well with Nathaniel and Kentin.

Coco can't draw to save her life The only things that Coco can cook well are homemade chicken tenders and spaghetti.Lysander wears the same clothing style as his brother, Leigh, who also most likely sews their outfits.


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Another example would be in Episode 28, when he was"ng from "The Lion and the Gnat" by Jean de la Fontaine.She is the typical fan girl and will stop anyone in her way to have him.As well as two rows of buttons and black pants with a green belt, and black boots with green details.As he usually isn't very talkative, he talks to them much more than with others.”