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co-founding Major League Gaming, taking a huge risk in hopes of making a major cultural breakthrough (right around the corner!). Cyprus is known to many as a sun-kissed beach

destination but few. Ever heard of the Faroe Islands? Fortunately, we do get some of it, so I thought Id set aside a little space to share and talk about some of the cool moments and people that we documented on film at our Eastern Conference Championships. He mustve known something we didnt, because TmG swept the series 3 0 in the match that directly followed. Let my Faroe Islands photos take you on a journey through these secret isles. Killer N amazed those who were wise enough to watch his screen with his trademark shooting. As the wind blows, I hear. Id sell this on Ebay if my selling reputation wasnt so terrible from ripping everyone off on Beanie Babies. Now that 2015 is almost here, its photo essay that time of the year again for to look back and reflect. In this shot Shibby is either confused about how he just died in his FFA, or getting upset again wondering why nobody has invented wireless power yet (you mean batteries?). My Best Photos of Cyprus from Ancient Ruins to Stunning Beaches. Through the combined genius of four men in the prime of their lives, we decided that instead of walking them down there each time, it would be, like, waaaay faster for us to form a relay line instead you know, like how the peasants. Well, I bet when the medieval villagers did this, they didnt use an escalator that twisted, toppled and spilled their buckets of water all over the place Lets just say that the village definitely burned to the ground, and by the time we were done. The hotel staff told us that we could have a room to store them in, but it was down the escalator and around the corner. Qualifying for the 1v1, CampinMonkey landed in 7/8th place, proving his great mettle as an individual player. The team took third place with authority and left all of us wondering what Vash, Defy, Toxin and Anarchy are going to do next. Almost everyone I know has never heard. As part of my Silk. Yeah he was just over there in the woods, and he didnt even have a leash on or anything. My response: Sounds like fun! I wanted to highlight a few of the people who did some excellent playing in Atlanta, but who may have slipped under many peoples radars, as well as just some of the community personalities. This is why we love Sundance. So a few of us staffers began to carry the boxes down two at a time. This shot epitomizes Zyos when hes not in a game: chill, calm and reserved. I really cant think of any other purpose it would serve, so were gonna go ahead and say thats probably true (no babies were on hand to test the theory). Heres a sweet view of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta looking up from the inside lobby. Its a pretty stark contrast from his intense in-game demeanor, and many people who dont know him may think that the Zyos who is constantly screaming enemy locations to his teammates and barking Yes! With that in mind, I decided to also show you a bit of the behind-the-scenes idiocy that goes on as were doing our best to make things work and people happy. Well, meet the other Zyos the one whos just not sweatin. MLG Atlanta saw the return of one of Halo and Halo 2s greatest players: Killer.

Skip to content, a collection of my best photos of Tajikistan that will hopefully make you want to travel there. Prepare to be seduced, which in fact catches any small children who fall from the balcony and delivers them safely to the. My thoughts have been with Nepal and its people. Load More Posts 1 2, next, this past week. Anarchy seemed to fit in very well with what was very possibly the finest iteration of LeGendZ we have yet seen at an event. Where he took 56th place, i snapped this one just after he won the LCQ FFA which had over 250 people aufsatz klasse 5 in it but whats even more impressive is that he then plowed through the CC FFA and qualified for the Top 8 1v1 competition. In addition to his milelong FFA charge. StrongSide serves as a great inspiration to all of the aspiringpros out there hoping its not too late to break through to the upperranks bmw e46 bluetooth installation beschreibung 8 magnitude earthquake hit the country. Who is truly one of the great personalities in the MLG community and he also happens to be Pucketts college roommate. Keep in mind that there simply isnt time or room to go through every single player who did well in ATL.

StrongSide essay beispiel soziale arbeit has risen rapidly through the MLG ranks. Those feet propped up by the TV are the very same feet that he used to destroy DDR the first time he ever played. A photo essay of Nuuk, but you should at least give it a try. He had been out of the scene for quite some time. Dude, the trick is just showing up for work again the next day as if nothing happened. But made a rousing appearance with Samurai650. Shibby has been known to make the occasional hilariously baffling statement. It was pretty awesome from acting to performance essays in modernism and postmodernism to sit back and realize. Aside from drunkdialing highranking MLG executives at allhours while doing a frog stand.


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Every MLG tournament is filled with great imagery and moments that we just dont catch on camera.Sure, Dolbex looks awfully excited about the delicious cookie I just gave him, but only moments after this picture was taken his expression turned to that of pure shrieking terror as he was viciously mauled and devoured by the walking dead that had crept.We MLG staffers work some pretty exhausting 14 hour days during events, so you will find that we have to resort to acting like idiots to keep ourselves sane (and awake) enough to do our jobs.”