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authors are taken through the problems, general and specific, universal and personal, of their form and ambitions, shown the options and the possibilities, challenged, edited, pressured, hastened, treated. Creative

writing as an academic discipline, just like the writing of literature and study of literature, depends on reading. Another possible reason for the criticisms is the rapid rise during the past decade of the number of creative writing courses offered, not just by universities but also by 'non-paper' organisations such as the Faber Academy. One route out of this impasse would be the development of a genuine creative writing pedagogy which reconciles pragmatism with idealism, and which modulates positivism (based on stylistics and other methodologies) with a proper artistic respect for the slipperiness of language and the diversity. They are quarrels in which Malcolm Bradbury might have taken a hand, were he still alive, bearding the razor gang at the London Review cake shop, or squaring up to Mark Lawson on Front Row. It is involved, above all, with recognition of the importance of reading: with taking best historical practice as a guide, descriptive rather than prescriptive, to artistic strategies. Since the New Critics, since and, the topic has not been adequately theorised to take account of the fact of creative writing within universities. Perhaps he, actually, was the original elephant in the lecture hall. This foundational call and response is akin in some respects to Leavis's idea of literature as a collaborative act of reconstitution between human minds. How quick gel nails beschreibung writing is voiced in the mind, in the mind of both author and reader, seems to me intimately connected with this. That is, not a single ideal text to which all teaching aspires, but the ideal form of each text to which a particular student is aspiring. As a novelist, he remains most famous for his satirical portrait of the emerging permissive society, The History Man (1975 though I myself think Rates of Exchange (1983) his best novel. It has been developed by many others by critics, by creative writers and, as we sometimes say, by 'hybrids' who do both but Bradbury is the fons et origo.

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Before taking up his post.UEA, Tom taught for six years in the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at Kings College.

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As McEwan has put it, writing of Bradbury and that first year when teaching seemed to amount to a complete lack of interference: 'To be the "product" of his writing "course" was to be the beneficiary of an absolute artistic licence.' But even geniuses need.He wrote academic criticism, belles lettres and journalism as well as novels and television scripts, served on many committees and prize panels, and did a great deal of work for the British Council.It was generally regarded as a dangerous American invention, like the vacuum cleaner and the hoola hoop and certainly not one that had a place in the literature department of a British university.”