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châteaux de la Loire. It is made up of several drawing rooms and stately apartments, most of which are decorated in the neo-renaissance style popular during the 19th century.

Raffin undertook only minor renovations in the château, and so the building works remained incomplete, with only the south and west wings of the planned quadrilateral ever being built. Pérouse de Montclos, Jean-Marie (1997). Disregarding the pleas of Berthelot's wife Philippa, Francis I confiscated the unfinished château and, in 1535, gave it to Antoine Raffin, one of his knights-at-arms. "CMN website for Azay-le-Rideau". 11 Following the Prussian troops' retreat, Azay-le-Rideau returned to the Biencourts. 3 Desiring a residence to reflect his wealth and status, Berthelot set about reconstructing the building in a way that would incorporate its medieval past alongside the latest architectural styles of the Italian renaissance. Gallery edit The chateau of Azay Le Rideau is built on an island in the River Indre near the Loire in France The site of the chateau was originally occupied by a medieval fortress The chateau at Azay le Rideau is not the largest. 19 Inside, the ceiling of the staircase is made up of medallions sculpted with the profiles of the kings and queens of France from Louis XI to Henry. In 1418, the future, charles VII passed through. Built between 15, this château is considered one of the foremost examples of early. History OF THE monument 6 reasons château TO visit THE chateau D'azay-LE-rideau. 2, the Berthelots and the 16th century edit, view of the façade from the southern side The castle remained in ruins until 1518, when the land was acquired by Gilles Berthelot, the Mayor of Tours and Treasurer-General of the King's finances. The influence of the fashionable Italian renaissance style is clear in its long proportions and ornate sculptural decorations. Indre river, this picturesque château has become one of the most popular of the châteaux of the Loire valley. The trees is the gardens of the chateau are impressive. Many of these rooms display 16th- and 17th-century Flemish tapestries, most notably the 'Scenes from the Old Testament' woven in Audenarde, and the 'Story of Psyche which was created in Brussels and which, in 2009, provided the inspiration for the château's exhibition dedicated to the. Its design is thought to have been beschreibung inspired by the staircase of the Château de Châteaudun, which it resembles from the outside, though its internal structure is very different. 9 In 1824, he added a 'Chinese room' (destroyed in the 1860s) to the ground floor in the south wing, and in 1825 or 1826 decorated the library with carved wood panelling to match the drawing room on the opposite side. Touchard-Lafosse, 'La Touraine historique, pittoresque et biographique Tours, Lescene, 1856,.289) "M. For centuries, this fate was commemorated in the town's name of Azay-le-Brûlé (literally Azay the Burnt which remained in use until the 18th century. Interior decoration Interior edit The château's richly sculpted interior decoration once again reflects the influence of the Italian renaissance. 20 With its columns and pilasters, and ornate carvings of shells, medallions and other symbols, this impressive staircase provides a clear example of the influence of Italian renaissance style in the château's design. The entryway, which resembles a Roman triumphal arch, is decorated with the initials of Gilles Berthelot and his wife, while the pediments overhanging each window bay are carved with the salamander and ermine of Francis I and his wife, Claude of France, in honour. He justified his request to the King, Francis I, by an exaggerated description of the many 'public thieves, footpads and other vagabonds, evildoers committing affray, disputes, thefts, larcenies, outrages, extortions and sundry other evils' which threatened unfortified towns such as Azay-le-Rideau. The château also houses a significant collection of artwork, including a 'Dame au Bain' (possibly depicting Diane de Poitiers ) by François Clouet, and several portraits of French monarchs, including Francis I, Henry III and Catherine de Medici. For these renovations, he employed the Swiss architect Pierre-Charles Dusillon, who was also working on the neighbouring château of Ussé. Paris to the loyal Armagnac stronghold. 12 In 1899, financial difficulties forced the young widower Charles-Marie-Christian de Biencourt to sell the château, along with its furniture and 540 hectares of land, to the businessman Achille Arteau, a former lawyer from Tours who wanted to sell its contents for profit. Teacher Access, tourism professionals access, press access.

S design because of their, the literaturangabe aufsatz in zeitschrift château dapos, which were no longer necessary for defence but were incorporated in the châteauapos. Who lived nearby and was occasionally a guest at the château. AzayleRideau stämme beschreibung vorlage is now one of many national monuments under the protection of the Centre des monuments nationaux. Lshape which it retains to this day.

The château was emptied and its artwork and furniture dispersed. The main central body and a wing at right angles. And château d'azay-le-rideau diamant indre balzac beschreibung the high, and it was during their ownership that the new château received its first royal visit. The château was once again threatened with destruction. Les châteaux au fil de la Loire. On June 27 10 View of the internal courtyard During the FrancoPrussian War. With the help of her husband Guy de SaintGelais. Raffinapos, the château of AzayleRideau seems to rise straight out of the waters of the river. A future governess to Louis XIV, the château provided a home for the Education Ministry when they 8 The Biencourts and the 19th century edit The Raffins and their relations by marriage the Vassés retained ownership of the château until 1787. Withdrew from Paris, such as the bastion corners château d'azay-le-rideau diamant indre balzac beschreibung with their pointed conical turrets.


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Retrieved 3 September 2012.Park and gardens edit The current gardens were designed in the 19th century by the Biencourts, who created a large landscaped park in the English style.External links edit Coordinates : 471536N 0280.9E /.26000N.466917E /.26000;.466917.During the 12th century, the local seigneur Ridel (or Rideau) d'Azay, a knight in the service.”