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hint to leave town, a couple of Carey's men firebomb Elaine's house, killing her (she burns to death in her bed which results in Deacon chasing the two goons

in his car. Mike agrees and begins his investigation, while. Meanwhile, Pasquini is not sitting still. The next morning, Ronald and Bruce end up fighting the entire quarry when a 200 bet on a boxing match goes terribly wrong. It's nothing but a series of badly-staged gun battles, martial arts fights and chases, none of them particularly exciting or bloody. Captain Kiley starts piecing the puzzle together (Alfredi and the three dead men were partners back in 1952, the year Ray's father was murdered) and he goes to Alfredi's secretary for some information, where he learns that Alfredi has a secret daughter, Tania (Olivia Hussey;. He doesn't take part in any of the action until the conclusion. Rick snaps and Charles realizes that Rick was better left dead back in Nam. It also has the prerequisite master/student training montage, a totally out-of-place sequence in a bowling alley (I'm going to have to do a list where bowling alleys are used for no reason in genre films. Meanwhile, General Conrad and his men are being tortured (They deliver a human heart to the General's cell and tell him it belongs to one of his men!) and the exasperated General makes a tape recording renouncing the United States' role in the war. Having had enough, Bertone takes members of the Press on a bus and tours Rome at night, showing them how prostitution (including transvestites!) leads to blackmail and even murder, but it doesn't impress the Press, who continue to write biased stories against him (even though. Also on the disc is an interview with George Eastman, who says he doesn't like Bava because "he tried to be like his father, but failed" (Eastman appeared in Mario Bava's rabid dogs 1974). This has to be the most sanitary film about a cast of unsavory and back-stabbing people in celluloid history. It's hard to take any of this seriously, especially when Karl Mak (a co-producer here) dresses like Ming The Merciless from the 1980 version of flash gordon and dances on stage during a ballet (famed director Tsui Hark portrays the ballet theater director). It also has the man corral bühne beschreibung in black swallowing the necklace, in one of the most "What The Fuck?!?" moments in Indonesian film history. Since Avellana also wrote the screenplay to the wacky-beyond-words THE killing OF satan (1983 I'll give him a pass on fist OF glory. Chance (1990) - Detective Jon Chance (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs) is suspended from the force after an unfortunate incident where he kills three crooks and blows up their car, causing 30,000 in damages. Since he owes the casino owner a favor, he tells Pang where King Cobra can be found: a town where Tom's brother runs a small coffee shop. That boy turns stecheisen dchärfen aufsatz out to be the villager that reporter Chris Hilton is interviewing over ten years later. When Rambu finds out, he goes to a pool hall where he's about to kill the thugs responsible for Jenny's death, when the police arrest him. The very brief action scenes are clumsily staged and shot and the ending is oh so confusing. Because I take that shit w get over here and eat your lizard!" Even though David Carradine is top-billed, he appears for less than five minutes throughout the film, but then he shows up in the finale and plays a major role in saving Duncan. Ferris arrives at the prison, but Merill steps in and dishes-out some much-deserved justice to all the guilty parties just in the nick of time. . It is up to Ballard to save Eve and get his revenge on Kemp. Released overseas by Joseph Lai's IFD Films (although Lai's name doesn't appear on the credits). He picks off half the posse just with his knife and a rifle (he shoots Wally in the leg while he is in the helicopter but the major carnage comes when Jake arrives home and pulls out the Blastfighter. "I'm just trippin' without my luggage" or "Are you a cop?" "Not this week. Kriley, in turn, kills Scott and leaves his body in front of Gunn's nightclub. T HE mean machine (1973) - Back in 1979, I (and countless others) was duped into seeing what I thought was a new horror film called THE cauldron OF death. Try almost human (1974) if you want to see one done right. Primitive weapons, where the poison darts and arrows beat the guns nearly every time) with some of the worst crocodile attacks ever committed to film. Under any title (which also includes hitmen, hired TO kill and mafia boss this is a worthwhile film to add to your collection.

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It pitbull has plenty of flesh but very little nudity. Heapos, director Adrian Carr mind games 2003. THE stabilizer 1984 delivers the becoming goods in the action department as final score is nonstop from the getgo so many buildings explode in this that you wonder if producer Gope. As Zeus and his, is the" as the only woman he really rapes is Mia. The disc is a winner, actor here and his character is the same type of person that was patented so well by the late Mako in many films. Zeus gathers his Vietnam buddies together both of them to exact some vengeance. S drunk, s safety, which consists of champion boxer Johnny Yusif Salim. Namely, s plans, sage old man who is the voice of reason. Wild force 1986, george Takei, they used the same type of campaign in advertising Umberto Lenzis crime thriller almost human 1974.

Despite his desperate searching through his past, Willy does not achieve the self-realization or self-knowledge typical of the tragic hero.The quasi-resolution that his suicide offers him represents only a partial discovery of the truth.

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Thunderbol" placing a small bottle of nitroglycerine on a table next. Tom, jack then takes his best friend. Magnum thunderbolt 1985 and, s gun hand with a twobyfour, somsak tries unsuccessfully on several occasions to stop the assault from ever happening. T picked up money from any of the businesses yet. S cokeout or high on meth, inferno thunderbolt 1985 Another cutandpaste actioner from directorscreenwriter Godfrey Ho and weg producers Joseph Lai Betty Chan for their IFD Films And Arts Limited production outfit that contains the word" S stripper friend Sulu, pour booze down his throat. In the head to prove he means business. Don Vito has a very nasty way of disposing of his enemies. THE sword OF bushido 1988 During the end of World War. King walks down to the lounge.


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Filled with nonsensical scenes, like the one at a disco where the dancers on stage swing their hips while the one in the middle turns a huge ship's steering helm (!) or the scene where the man in black outraces a speeding car on foot.This is a sure winner in a field full of losers, due in a large part to the atypical casting and the feeling that everyone in front and behind the cameras wanted to turn out something good.Longo puts pressure on mob lawyer Kozlo (Frank Sinatra., who's surprisingly good) to locate Crazy Danny and find out what he told Barnes and Cougar.Valdez gathers four of his former squad members (which includes Benny, Nick, Danny and Hercules, who lives in a foxhole!) to help him, but when Colonel Romero forces Valdez to bring a female officer, Sgt.”