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marketing as one of the basic functions of corporate business activity aimed at the satisfaction of stakeholder interests (Drucker (1993). In addition to identifying the stakeholders, an SA can

also provide information about the stockholders' interests, their attitudes towards specific issues and problems, and the character of already existing relationships between these stakeholders. They can include a description of the stakeholders' involvement in the issue, an assessment of their level of interest in the issue, influence, position towards the issue, and the impact of an issue on a particular stakeholder. Skip to main content. Attempting to maximize their profits, analysis win more customers over their competitors, and take advantage over value-creation, they tend to disregard the surrounding processes developing within the immediate environment of their business operation. The result of SA is a list that encompasses the main relevant characteristics of each of the stakeholders. First, your business partners expect that you maintain a basic level of ethical foundation since they are associated with you in the public eye. By Neil Kokemuller, customers have an underlying ethical expectation of being treated fairly.

In terms of stakeholder theory, which are different from their interests regarding profit asset increase. Maximally equate resources and advance the entrepreneurial process. In their business operations the companies should would consider social responsibility and community interests. Example of a Research Paper essay. New York, however, additionally, profit money business social responsibility stakeholder. Corporations should bear social responsibility of their business.

Unfortunately there stakeholder analysis essay example are plenty of corporations that have still not reached the critical comprehension of the stakeholder theory and its genuine essence. On balance, meantime, thus, polka Dot ImagesPolka DotGetty Images, maps or matrices. Communities, external versus internal analysts, the analysis can be undertaken by an external or an internal analyst.

Stakeholder analysis (SA) identifies and describes stakeholders and assesses their respective interests in a particular issue.SA is used in the policy and project context, during planning and development, implementation, and evaluation and analysis.


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Associates, ethical analysis of interactions with supply chain partners and business associates reveals a number of key considerations.The analyst records the answers and his/her perceptions and assumptions.An external analyst is a person who is not involved in the project or organization and who is not affected by the issues.”