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approved html tags to reference for any categories besides books. This is the basic formatting that can be used to write description. In order to save as html select

select File Type as All files. Example 1 Good All Round html usage /dp/B004X9ttjc/. An example of how to use this would be: b Technical Specifications /b Line Break: br This is the tag for a line break. However the picture is dire, its obviously been resized, includes a watermark and youre not supposed to have any background on product images on Amazon. UL has to be used together with Li List Item. With a bit of formatting help we can make descriptions really easy to read and therefore increase the likelihood of a conversion into a sale. Check out the product description on this page to understand how the above tags have been used to create the formatting. Here are some additional examples of tags to take advantage of on your Amazon listings: h2 /h2 for making a big tagline em /em to italicize a title or excerpt strong /strong to make bold text for emphasis sub for subscript sup for superscript. Note: Amazon removed the original example we had for you, however we did grab a screenshot and you can see this in the image above. Its a very easy workaround. P Write between these to write a paragraph /P Bullet Points, bullet Points are an excellent method to highlight key points. Have an awesome day. b Heading of Random Product /b br br Some small description of the product br or the details of the product. Theyre right in front of you! Keep in mind this is not for the bullet points that show up next to your product images, but instead the expanded product description about half-way down the product page. These matter more than the product description. Now, if I wanted a new line underneath the title, I need to put in the tag for aline break. It'll turn into one huge, terribly ugly blob of text. This case because its part of a Suite, these factors are really important to a buyer. Here you can see what our description looks aufsätze like after adding those html tags. Amazon is strict with its listings and allows very few html tags. If you paste a bullet from the special characters keyboard before each item, add a space between that and the text, and place the line break br at the end, you will be able to create clean, organized bullets in the format below: Bullet Point. Make the most of what you have, because life is short. You can do three things to take it from plain to fantastic. A quick search online will throw up plenty of forums stating that absolutely no formatting is allowed in Amazon descriptions at all. Seriously, would you buy this product? So what Im going to do is put in a tag that says br after the title; that is the equivalent of hitting the enter key on your keyboard.

If youve found this article helpful. P Using the above tags you ernster can create formatting as shown in the image above. And increases the chances of someone buying your product. The tags are enclosed, those are really expensive and the last time we checked. Not only is essay it all in capital letters which is a huge pet hate of ours all caps which is a bit. I cant imagine how many millions of dollars are lost every year by sellers on Amazon because they didnt take the time to make the product description stellar. Reg, this is perfect for sections of a description that you want to separate or important parts you want to highlight. Then, let us know in the comments box below. Take a look at this product on Amazon. Im sure you agree these look better by employing some basic html to the descriptions and they sure beat the onelongsentence that you find on most 3rd party sellers products.

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You often buy things because theyre convenient. If you havent heard it yet. Reg, ive seen people spend tons of time on the rüter product description. Bullet Point Lists, descriptions that sell, as you may remember the first Ecommerce in Plain English Podcast covered. Ul, then click the link and give it a listen. Trade, i want there to be a slight gap between the title and the next lines. The text to be modified are enclosed between two html tags. Ol li These are the tags needed to create bullet or numbered points in your listing. So Im going to add another br tag.


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When you hit save and go to look at your product description on Amazon, dont freak out if it doesnt update right away.These html tags will make your product description look really good.This tag helps in writing the text in bullet points.While none of these are amazing examples, theyll clearly demonstrate what you could be doing with your product descriptions.”