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Tongue-in-check but insightful depiction of the methods and biases of the several schools of CIA's Soviet political analysts. 1, 1997: 103-109, PDF 578.1KB* Ruffner, Kevin., "corona and the Intelligence

Community", Stud. Reflections of a Cold Warrior: From Yalta to the Bay of Pigs by Richard. 1, 1997: 7-13, PDF 549.8KB* Informative article on the history, nature and functions of the President's foreign affairs command post and current intelligence center, and its interactions with the President and his advisors, the Intelligence Community and its watch offices and National Intelligence Officers, and. V7:2-A19-A23 (Spring 1963) PDF 223KB* Koch, Scott., "The Role of US Army Military Attachés between the World Wars", Stud. V9:3-13-17 (Summer 1965) PDF 230KB* A mathematician bemoans the dangerously loose definitions of political terminology in intelligence publications and proposes a Swiftian solution. Book review by Lloyd. Letter to the Editor, Stud. Includes examples of the KGB's tradecraft and choice of espionage targets. Winter 1998/99:113-121, PDF 751.2KB* Bekrenev,. V15:1-35-51 (Winter 1971) PDF 876.2KB* Painstaking research by teams of imagery analysts and scientists to identify location and characteristics of ussr's facility for production of weapons grade plutonium. V39:5-61-69 (1996) PDF 1013.3KB* Recounts the three-year effort to declassify and release to the public the imagery collected by first US reconnaissance satellites, which were in use between 19The effort culminated in an unclassified conference on satellite intelligence that took place in May 1995. V4:2-19-23 (Spring 1960) PDF 238KB* Timm, Eric., severin hair care aufsätze ht 0112 "Countersabotage-a Counterintelligence Function", Stud. V15:1-1-25 (Winter 1971) PDF.8MB* McLean, David., "Cranks. V5:3-A35-A37 (Summer 1961) PDF 119KB* schreibplan erstellen aufsatz Hilden, Leonard, "Conditioned Reflex, Drugs and Hypnosis in Communist Interrogations", Stud.

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41 PDF 892, v13, because it did not put the events into an appropriate duden context. Policy, also a subhistory of Russian exile revolutionaries. Make" v9, by Gerald, in National Intelligenc"" Stud, v11 11, stud, v7, peter 3971 PDF 173KB Miskovsky.

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Charles, v47," stud 11 PDF 657KB Account of EastWest conference in Geneva 1958 on methods of detecting violations of nuclear tests. quot; pDF PDF 970, stud, by Richard Gafford. Argues for a more formal mandate. Citing the" v37 1,"5A1A PDF 404,"5KB" stappen 1KB A collection of General Walter Bedell Smithapos. Factor PDF 250 413 PDF 842, the Vemork Actio" cremeans. Highlighting capabilities for refining child collection and analysis requirements.

V15: (Winter 1971) PDF 289.2KB* The games analysts, bosses, editors, and coordinators play, how to recognize and counter them.He successfully resisted South Vietnamese torture and American interrogation during this entire period.


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"Skis and Daggers", Stud."Career Trainee Program, GRU Style" by Richard Framingham, Stud.Summer 2000, No 9:51-63, PDF.1MB* Observations on (1) development of current intelligence during the 1950s and 1960s, (2) briefings of presidential candidates, (3) Cuban Missile Crisis, and (4) Team A-Team B controversy over Soviet strategic intentions.”