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place where a user can create a profile and build a personal network that connects the user to other users. We can share our feelings, pictures and a lot

of stuffs to people that we are familiar. Teenagers that do not have alertness, they may provide their personal information to the stranger, especially the girls. Social networking sites, with the development of technology and the invention of a phone that connects distant sites and remote people together, This facilitated communication and the possibility of people knowing each others news easily. Advantages and disadvantages of social networking. Students can discuss the works or projects directly with their group members. We must use the social networking carefully and avoid the problems that really damage our life seriously. Also,by use Facebook people have opportunity to make new friends,talk about the world events and they can get substantial skills and knowledge, in many addition, some people use YouTube for fun and enjoyment, for instance they may share their videos, photos, and information with others. These networks allow individuals to leverage the connections they establish within the social network to achieve a broader objective like job search, a real estate search, a holiday trip plan, etc. It can also culture teamwork at the same time. We can improve the relationship between family, friends and relatives. What used to be just a niche activity has today taken the proportions of a global phenomenon that engages tens of millions of Internet users. A coin has two kinds of faces. A social network is made up of individuals that are connected to one another by a particular type of interdependency. However, there are also a lot of disadvantages. Social networking sites have been able to bring people closer and make the world a small village, but we have to use it better. For example, we can use face to face service to communicate in different country by using social networking. Social networking is important as far as an individuals personal and professional development is concerned. They have a strong desire to do or have something regularly like teenagers just focus what they are fond. Where earlier the process was long drawn, involving a chain movement where in one person led to another through a web of social contacts, today the process is highly specialized. One of the disadvantages is teenagers get addicted by using social networking websites. However, teenagers spend hours in those social networking sites which can obviously affect beschreibung magistrat their academic performance. In conclusion, we can use their advantages and disadvantages clearly. That is good news for the world. They also post a lot of untrue information to make people to confuse from that information by using social networking.

Social networking has the advantages and disadvantages. Online social networks are ideal for exchanging ideas. Connections between people were limited, we must concentrate the problems and try to solve it for reduce the percentage of bad news by using the social networking. Due to geographical distances and economic concerns. It can bring us helpful but it also brings us harmful. There has been a considerable debate about the effect of social networking sites social networks academic essay on individuals and fact. It also easily gets the transaction successful. It will harm them physically and behaviorally.

Social network essay Social networking can be a useful tool for keeping in touch with friends and family but when it is used to substitute it for actual face to face contact it can be a dangerous thing.You can't lie; social networking is a very large part of our lives.In September 2011 Facebook registered 800 million users.

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Obtain the latest news and help us to do our work easily. However, we can obtain the latest news directly. Members make new members and get monetary benefits on the purchases made by sop down the line members. Twitter, they always cheat ignorant people and share a lot of untrue information by using social networking.


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Youth and adolescents should not be left on these sites for long times because it may cause addiction.It could be ideas, values, trade, anything.They may tend to use to these social networking sites till midnight or even more which can lead to health related problems obviously.”