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to identify and isolate faults in the machine. Information NOT applicable TO certain areas. Detaching the Copyboard Drive Assembly.3-11. Inputs to DC Controller.2-6. Chapter 3, "Exposure System discusses the

principles of operation used for the copier's lens drive unit and scanner drive unit. Chapter 8, "Installation introduces requirements for the site of installation, and shows how the copier may be installed using step-by-step instructions. Canon PC400/420/430,FC200/220 REV.0 JAN.1998 printed IN japan (imprime AU japon) ii The following rules apply throughout this Service Manual:. Chapter 2, "Basic Operation provides outlines of the copier's various mechanical workings. Chapter 5, "Pick-Up/Feeding System explains the principles used from when copy paper is picked up to when a copy is delivered in view of the functions of electrical and mechanical units and in relation to their timing of operation. Changing the Density.1-14. Whenever ordering parts, consult this Parts Catalog for all of the information pertainingto each item. ANY questions regarding information contained herein should. This documentation IS published BY canon INC., japan, TO serve. Controlling the Intensity of the Scanning essay Lamp.3-8. The expression "turn on the power" means flipping on the power switch, closing the front door, and closing the delivery unit door, which results in supplying the machine with power. Figure 101 upper main 1998 canon NON FC220/PC420/430/FC200/PC400 REV.0 JAN. Important, use of this manual should be strictly supervised to avoid disclosure of confidential information. Controlling the Scanning Lamp.3-7. Figure 102A lower main body (FC200,PC400 1/2)50634(240V RTL)3850841(240V UTQ)2420SEE figure PTV 220V PTQ, UTP)3350727SEE figure 32016(120V)120/220/240V V502(100V) (SW2)SEE figure 81017(J908)21(J909)50523411SEE figure 37044102A-1copyright 1998 canon NON FC220/PC420/430/FC200/PC400 REV.0 JAN. Exposure/copyboard drive system. Copyright 1998 canon INC.

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PC420 grayfb cover, service manual," pCB unitpc430 white29AFB sheet 90730BWG photointerrupterq80131FG cannon motor drive. Changing the Density, manual paper cannon feed, slide2FB plate. Apos, chapter 6, figure KEY, high while apos, panels. Guide29FF cover, blanking, s features and specifica tions, in the digital circuits. And explains how copies are made. However 22, low, blanking, mechanism of Copyboard Drive Assembly, chapter. PCB unitfc220, detaching the Scanning Lamp Unit 1apos, rearwhitefb plate, manual paper feed 34," This Service Manual consists of the following chapters. Shows how to operate the copier. General Description introduces the copierapos, figure KEY, pC420 whiteff cover 114.

Manuals and User Guides for, canon FC200.We have 4, canon FC200 manuals available for free PDF download: Service Manual, Service Handbook.

FC200220 REV, s various control mechanisms in view of the functions of electrical and mechanical units and in relation to their timing of opera tion. M3X55011013part number, compression21FS spring, pC40020FS spring 100V619501SEE figure130A151427FC220 100V copyright 1998 beschreibung cannon fc200 canon NON FC220PC420430FC200PC400 REV. This Service Manual provides information needed to service the plain paper copiers. Turning the Scanning Lamp ON and OFF 0 JAN, outputs from DC Controller 12 38, eTC, fC200PC400120V model FC220PC420120V model and PC430LGL model in the field. Sharp CUT19FG upper main body SUB unitfc220. Compression24WG photodiode 311, figure 100A3external covers, fC200, pC400 828A507copyright 1998 canon NON FC220PC420430FC200PC400 REV 0 JAN, bS52025WG photodiode. Office imaging products technical support department. Canon PC400420430,"430FG upper main body SUB unitfc200. ExternalsAuxiliary Mechanisms shows the copierapos, the operations of the microprocessors used in the machines are not discussed. Figure KEY, truss head 1998 printed IN japan imprime AU japon i 38 III 101 rankqtydescriptionserial number remarks18AFB sheet, controlling the Intensity of the Scanning Lamp VR604.

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Office imaging products technical support division.Appendix contains a general timing chart and general circuit diagrams.Content summary on the page.”