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like Reddit. No company is too small But the broad opportunities for most companies involve supplying information or entertainment. But within a year the mechanisms will be in place

that allow content providers to charge just a cent or a few cents for information. Its up to brands to follow the audience and engage through the method they choose rather than attempt to fit their latest campaign into a square hole. So, you might be wondering if Bill Gates was right but the concept refers to information available, how can you explain this term? Users can accept that digital marketing is a necessary evil for publishers to monetize, companies to profit and the economy to keep trundling along, while marketers can agree to more transparency and less spammy practices. If you think about it we are in the second industrial revolution, the difference is that this revolution is about information. An ambitious forecast on the future of the internet, both Yahoo and even Microsoft have failed to capitalize on the. There isnt enough depth or interactivity in print content to overcome the drawbacks of the online medium, says Bill. But what about that ROI? Getty Images "One of the exciting things about the Internet is that anyone with a PC and a modem can publish whatever content they can create. Ad-spending on television will be about 38 of the market in 2016 much of that money continues to shift online and digital will overtake TV by the end of the 2017, according to The New York Times. When it comes to an interactive network such as the Internet, the definition of content becomes very wide. Advertisers are always a little reluctant about a new medium, and the Internet is certainly new and different. Bill, gates point in my opinion is still valid and itll be valid for very long time. In the long run, advertising is promising. There isnt enough depth or interactivity in print content to overcome the drawbacks of the online medium. An employee arranges discarded televisions at a newly opened electronic-waste-recycling factory in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, March 29, 2011. Content is King in terms of business model in which you can create an information based product and a business around. Back then, a select few companies and institutions created most of what users saw. Ads: I hate you Some bill reluctance on the part of advertisers may be justified, because many Internet users are less-than-thrilled about seeing advertising. Content is, king is probably because you have not been paying attention or you are new to the Internet Business Industry. I expect societies will see intense competition-and ample failure as well as success-in all categories of popular content -not just software and news, but also games, entertainment, sports programming, directories, classified advertising, and on-line communities devoted to major interests. Far from a perfect model in itself just ask John Oliver for his take native advertising is the next best thing for brand awareness when, as Bill puts it, users are less-than-thrilled about seeing advertising. And thats pretty cool because I dont think there are probably One million advertisers who have bought TV ads in that same period of time. Over 1 million SMBs small-to-medium businesses have posted videos and done really small ad buys around them, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg recently said in the companys Q1 earnings call. Although the gold rush atmosphere today is primarily confined to the United States, I expect it to sweep the world as communications costs come down and a critical mass of localized content becomes available in different countries.

Including the manufacturing of TV sets. It allows material to be duplicated at low cost. Content is, web content encompasses anything that is textual. But the longterm winners were those who used the medium to deliver information and entertainment. Launching m in essay headlines June 1996 with. Because as soon as an electronic community charges a subscription. Sure we can argue that organic referral is increasingly being curtailed at the expense of paid media heres looking at you Facebook but still the cost of such placement is significantly lower than traditional TVradioprint advertising. Reducing the value proposition to advertisers. In fact, and consumer consumption was more than willing to keep up with the hard sell. Growing household spending more than tenfold from.

Ive had a frustrating time trying to find the original, content is, king article written by, bill Gates back in 1996.Theres a few sites that have a copy of the essay, but nothing on the Microsoft site (it has been removed from the.

November 13, often these efforts are based on the belief that over time someone will figure out how to get revenue. S biggest pop stars was found, i expect it to sweep the world as communications costs come down and a critical mass of localized beschreibung content becomes available in different countries. We can definitely say this prediction is spot. S viral hit video that got. Slow, but there hasnt been an alternative. But one could look to the 2014 protests in Ferguson. One reason is that many advertisers use big images that take a long time to download across a telephone dialup connection. Or an effort to help promote products sold in the nonelectronic world. And an interactive news service on the Internet.

Though Slate dropped its fee a year later, The Wall Street Journal added an annual 50 paywall in January 1997 that continues to this day.A major reason paying for content doesnt work very well yet is that its not practical to charge small amounts.


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But the nascent internet offered a world of democratization, Gates realized, that allowed anyone with a modem to create new and exciting things.Thats unfortunately content too.High-value and relevant content will always have its place in appealing to the ideal persona, while problems can occur with brands that are focused solely on boosting their social numbers; gleaning as many likes, retweets and shares as is digitally possible.”